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My new CM-2+ dead! Help Help!
2010-05-26 17:24:00


I just bought CM-2+, however, it is dead after I flashing the example.c into it. Need help help. Thanks a lot in advance. Below are the details.

I followed the manual and using boot loader in robot terminal. After flashing the example.c ( downloaded from tribotix.com), the nightmare happened.  The boot loader never come out again. All the lights are off . Only the power LED blinks once after I off and on CM-2+. In screen of robot terminal, example 1 util 9 appears again and again with no servo found. It shows "cannot connect to CM-5" if I use other softwares to check the port status. 

Thanks for help! Thanks again.

2010-05-26 17:24:00
2010-06-02 03:00:00 ROBOTIS
Please restore firmware using RoboPlus Manager. You can download newest version of the following link. (It automatically updates via network after installation) - RoboPlus v1.0.17.0 (383M) http://www.robotis.com/download/software/RoboPlus(v1.0.17.0).exe - RoboPlus v1.0.17.0 (135M, without .NET framework) http://www.robotis.com/download/software/RoboPlusWeb(v1.0.17.0).exe
2010-06-02 03:00:00
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