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Oh,my god! SOS! 12V DC power connected to CM-5 ,but CM-5 have no response!!!
2010-06-06 15:08:00

          CM-5 worked well for a lone time ,but yesterday it stopped working suddenly !! All Indicators of  CM-5 stopped blinking!!

    The power adapter can output 12v DC normally,the fuse(220v 5A) is normal too!

     There are four ports which is used to wiring AX-12  to CM-5.Each port has three pillars. I measured the voltage  pillars and i could not detect DC12V!!!

           I guess there may be someting wrong with the circuit board of CM-5 !Saddly ,I don not know where is wrong and how to repair!

       My dear friends, can you give me some directions  and suggestions?

2010-06-06 15:08:00
2010-06-06 19:30:00 iloveyou
?The problem has been solved. A poor contact causes power to fail occasionally
2010-06-06 19:30:00
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