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how to use AX-12+ with CM-2+
2010-06-09 17:17:00

Hello sir,

We want to run motor AX-12+ with Cm-2+ controller. we tried it with setting ID more than 100. but we get error 8001. ithink it is not getting this actuator. is there any solution for this problem????

At last, we want to control 4 AX-12+ and 4 DX-117 with CM-2+ CONTROLER. so what is the solution???? plese reply fast.


thank you..............

2010-06-09 17:17:00
2010-06-10 02:02:00 ROBOTIS
Hi Jatin, Please note that AX-12+ uses TTL and can not be used with the CM-2+. Please use the CM-5 or CM-700. As for using the DX-117 and AX-12+, you CAN NOT control them together simultanesouly. I would recommend using the CM-700 since it supports both TTL and RS-485. ROBOTIS
2010-06-10 02:02:00
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