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OpenCM 9.0.4 - AX12 - Arduino IDE
2018-01-03 17:17:47 fatihirim


As you suggested I now use the communication port on OpenCM 9.0.4 (by using LN-101) to connect AX12 to Arduino IDE.

However, when I try to upload my sketch to OpenCM, it hangs on "Uploading" status for very very long (around 15 minutes) with the last message as "Enter Bootloader". After 15 minutes it says "Done Uploading" but nothing happens (i.e. the sketch does not run). Even when I try to upload the blink example, same thing happens. See attachment-1 for the "Uploading" status.

Also see in attachment-2 that the port/board are correctly selected.

What might be the problem here? Please advise!

PS: My guess is that I need to install LN-101 driver to linux, but I was not able to find anything like that on ROBOTIS web site. If LN-101 will not work on Linux, what would be the alternative for this case?

Note that I am running on Ubuntu 16.04 and using Arduino IDE 1.8.5.

Also note that I am using the Open CM Expansion Board mounted on top of Open CM 9.0.4 (for connecting AX12 through the 3 pins on expansion board)



2018-01-03 17:17:47
2018-01-08 09:17:03 Will Son

Try the identical hardware setting on Windows and see if there's a difference.

If the same issue occurs in Windows, I assume your OpenCM9.04 is damaged.

In that case please repair your board via local sales/distributor.

2018-01-08 09:17:03
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