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shaking Dynamixel xl-320
2018-01-03 18:33:16 robofan


My Problem:

Some of the Dynamixel xl-320 of my Darwin Mini are shaking. It started slow and got worse and worse just by using the robot. I didn´t make any software changes, so i think the servos have a malfunction. I think it´s a hardware Problem because it got worse over time.


Do you know parts in the servo that could cause such a malfunction so that I can fix them maybe? 

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2018-01-03 18:33:16
2018-01-04 11:00:56 Will Son


I remember that I recommended to adjust P gain and Punch values, but it seems like it didn't work.

In this case, the shaking is caused by worn out clutches in the XL320 and replacing a new clutch can resolve the problem.

The part is not sold in the market, but if you wish to replace clutches, please ask your local dealer or sales store for repair.

Thank you.

2018-01-04 11:00:56
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