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Max Current of MX-64
2018-01-31 12:52:44 radeshwar

I am using MX-64 for my gripper application.

It is set to perform in Current based Position Control Mode and I am taking the current feedback to sense whether the object is grabbed or not.

The Present Current value is 0 when no object is grabbed and above 65000 when any object is grabbed.

However sometimes I am getting the Present current value greater than 65000 when the object is not grabbed properly which leads to slippage of the object.

In my code I am tapping the Present current and I am stopping the motion of the gripper if the Present Current value is greater than 50000.

If I try to set the Current Value greater than 50000 then I am able to grab the object firmly but after 2-3 seconds I am getting the Hardware Error because the Present Current value raises from 0 to >65000 in few milliseconds.

I have set the Current Limit to the Max value using the wizard.

I have enabled all the protections in Shutdown of the actuator.

How to solve this issue and What is the Max current MX-64 can take while grabbing a object firmly without giving Hardware Error.

Your suggestions are most welcome.


2018-01-31 12:52:44
2018-02-01 13:28:27 Will Son


The Present Current is a 2 byte signed integer value and you need to use signed integer instead of unsigned variable.

The R+Manager 2.0 has a bug that uses unsigned variable for Present Current value.

Thank you.

2018-02-01 13:28:27
2018-02-01 18:43:13 Radeshwar SS

I am using int32_t for Present_current.

2018-02-01 18:43:13
2018-02-05 16:55:26 Will Son

The Present Current(126) for MX-64(Protocol 2.0) is a 2 byte data.

Please try using int16_t to correctly dispaly negative value.

2018-02-05 16:55:26
2018-02-06 13:04:56 Radeshwar SS

I tried using int16_t for Present_current However it is grabbing tight and after few seconds it is giving Hardware Error.

I am unable to proceed further until this issue is resolved.

?Kindly support in resolving this issue at the earliest.


2018-02-06 13:04:56
2018-02-06 17:43:36 Will Son

The maximum current limit for MX-64 series is 1941.

Since your threshold is set to 50000, it'll output 100% until overload occurs.

Please start with a lower value something like 100 and increase it as you wish.

2018-02-06 17:43:36
2018-02-06 22:21:22 Radeshwar SS

My Moving Threshold is 10 by default and I have not changed it anytime.

Does changing my threshold will have effect on my gripper force?

Is it going to help in gripping a object firmly without giving Hardware Error?

Kindly advise.


2018-02-06 22:21:22
2018-02-07 10:25:57 Will Son

What I meant was the Present Current value threshold you set in your program.

In the original post you said "If I try to set the Current Value greater than 50000 then I am able to grab the object firmly but after 2-3 seconds"

So I'm recommending to use smaller value for the threshold of Present Current in your program.

Moving Threshold does not have to do with this issue.

2018-02-07 10:25:57
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