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Changing Baud rate of Ax-18
2018-02-03 01:01:44 sranjan97

Is it advisable to change the baud rate of AX-18 from 1000000 to 57600 so that it can run with MX-28?

2018-02-03 01:01:44
Saurabh Ranjan
2018-02-05 16:49:03 Will Son


Please check out this video tutorial for changing Dynamixel setting.


Also, make sure that your MX-28 firmware version is below v39.(from firmware v39, MX-28/64/106 uses Protocol 2.0)

If your MX-28 has firmware v39 or above, you can select Protocol Version(13) with R+Manager 2.0.

2018-02-05 16:49:03
Will Son
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