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Manipulator H arm low precision when following ROS Moveit trajectory
2018-02-06 17:55:55 submachine


I am trying to move Manipulator H arm with ROS Moveit. I am using pos_vel_controller/JointTrajectoryController to pass position and velocity commands to the arm motors. 

Most of the trajectory is performed OK, but on the last part of it motor number 3 is always late.

I checked controllers/status topic, and the controller pass the right commands to the arm. By the feedback from the arm I noticed significant difference b/w desired and real motor state on motor 3.

I am using the default settings for the arm motors.

How can I make the arm (and especially motor 3) follow trajectories better?

2018-02-06 17:55:55
2018-02-07 11:37:05 Will Son


Please attach log or visible data so we can provide more detail advise for your case.

If you are not experiencing or observing an abnormal behavior of Dynamixel, it is recommended to modify the P, D gains.

The settings are saved in the dxl_init.yaml file and you can modify the contents in the red.

joint3 :   # H54-100-S500-R
   return_delay_time     :  10    # item name : value
   operating_mode        :  3
   shutdown              :  58
   homing_offset         :  -62738   # 45 deg
   torque_limit          :  310
   max_position_limit    :  250950
   min_position_limit    : -250950
   goal_torque           : 310
   goal_velocity         : 0
   goal_acceleration     : 0
   position_p_gain       : 32
   velocity_p_gain       : 256
   velocity_i_gain       : 16
2018-02-07 11:37:05
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