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Smooth Motion of Dynamixel Actuators
2018-02-07 12:34:58 radeshwar


I am using a Manipulator Arm and I am running the Inverse Kinematics at 10ms and I am getting a smooth  motion when I give velocity.

I want to achieve the same smooth motion when I am giving Individual joint velocity, right now I am getting a jerky/step motion when I give Individual joint Velocity.

What could be the reason for this and how to rectify this issue.

Note: I am still running my Inverse Kinematics code and Individual Joint Velocity code at 10ms.

2018-02-07 12:34:58
2018-02-07 16:39:49 Will Son

Adjusting Profile Acceleration and Profile Velocity will help you to reduce the jerky motion.

The trajectory created by the inverse kinematics algorithm might have improper acceleration and velocity for your manipulator.

You can also check them out and modify values.

2018-02-07 16:39:49
2018-02-07 18:31:53 Radeshwar SS


I am using same Profile Acceleration and Profile Velocity in IK for both Cartesian mode and Individual Joint Velocity mode.

I can see a fine and smooth motion in Cartesion mode but a Jerky motion in Individual Joint Mode.

2018-02-07 18:31:53
2018-02-08 13:58:34 Will Son

Well, with the given information, I can only think of a program issue with the IK algorithm.

Since IK is usually applied for multi joint system, the program might not be optimized for a single joint.

If you can draw a graph of time vs position for the single joint with IK result, you should have a well carved curve as you can see in the Trapezoidal Position and Velocity graph

2018-02-08 13:58:34
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