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RC100B with CM-700
2018-04-15 06:53:05 EpicDuckPotato


I'm trying to get an RC100B to communicate with the CM-700, but the hardware that I need to do so seems to all be discontinued or incompatible. The zig100 controllers are no longer in stock, so I can't do a zig communication. Nor can I do a Bluetooth communication, since the BT100 isn't in stock. The IR receiver is in stock, but isn't compatible with the CM-700. How should I set up the communication?


Anoop Bhat

2018-04-15 06:53:05
2018-04-16 10:59:12 Will Son


If you have RC-100B, you have choice of BT-100, BT-210, BT-410, ZIG-100 and IR.

But if yours is RC-100 or RC-100A, unfortunately BT-100 or ZIG-100 is discontinued.

Since CM-700 is compatible to BT-410, BT-210, BT-110A and ZIG-110A, you can select one that is available in the market.

Thank you.

2018-04-16 10:59:12
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