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Cannot connect to robot after trying to upgrade Ubuntu?
2018-05-16 03:31:25 pipsqueaker


I was attempting to upgrade the OS on my Robotis-op2 from Ubuntu 12.04 to Ubuntu 14.04. However, during the installation process my ethernet connection went down, and for whatever reason I cannot reconnect to the robot.

When an ethernet cable is plugged in, the LED just to the top-right of the port is solid orange, and the top-left is powered off.

For obvious reasons, I'm wary of rebooting the computer

Could I please get some help in troubleshooting this situation?

EDIT: I have since been forced to reboot the robot. From what I can tell the operating system initializes (or at least the head LED turns green), but the robot still refuses my attempts to communicate over ethernet. It certainly knows that I'm trying to connect however, as whenever I attempt to do so the ethernet port blinks  yellow

2018-05-16 03:31:25
2018-05-17 08:53:50 Will Son


According to the OP2 developer, it is recommended to use the original version of OS as there seem to be an graphic driver issue regarding Atom N2600 with Ubuntu 14.04

He mentioned that he was able to install Lubuntu 14.04 but no luck with Ubuntu 14.04.

Thank you.

2018-05-17 08:53:50
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