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How to operate XM430-W350-R on Simulink
2018-06-13 12:33:05 hayato1728

Dear Robotis Support 

I use “Dynamixel (XM430-W350-R)”. I would like to use this Dynamixel for controlling force of a gripper.I use the program of read_write.m of MATLAB of Dynamixel SDK (Version 3.X).​I was able to operate the motor properly with MATLAB.

However, I would like to work with Simulink, but how can I do it?

Is there a sample?

I look forward to hearing from you. 

2018-06-13 12:33:05
2018-06-18 09:41:12 Will Son


Thank you for the inquiry.

However, I'm afraid that we do not have examples for Simulink as of now.

Thank you.

2018-06-18 09:41:12
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