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LiDAR + OpenManipulator
2018-08-02 23:10:43 cntogkas


if i install both the LiDAR and the OpenManipulator on the same bot, for example on the top plate of the TB3 will the base of the manipulator interfere (considering that it will be on the way of the LiDAR in one direction) with the operation of the LiDAR and thus navigation/mapping ?

I need the bot to be a mobile manipulator.


2018-08-02 23:10:43
Christos Ntogkas
2018-08-03 09:01:32 Will Son


I'd suggest to attach LiDAR below the OpenManipulator as shown below TurtleBot3 based service robot example.


If you visit https://discourse.ros.org/, you'll meet many experienced users :)

Thank you.

2018-08-03 09:01:32
Will Son
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