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Add free idler to XL430-250
2018-08-07 13:38:27 brandon

How to add an idler wheel to the back side of a XL430-250?

I can't find instructions anywhere, and the thing that came in the box with the servo doesn't seem to fit as an idler wheel (?)


2018-08-07 13:38:27
2018-08-07 22:21:08 Kurt

​It actually took me a few attempts to get the right parts for this.

If you go to the product page: http://www.robotis.us/dynamixel-xl430-w250-t/

And look for the Hyperlinks section (Frame, Horn, Bearing Compatible Chart) ​you will run into the link, that takes you to: http://en.robotis.com/service/compatibility_table.php?cate=dx

On that page you will see you need: HN11-I101 Set

​Which are currently in stock at the US store: http://www.robotis.us/hn11-i101-set/

Hope that helps

2018-08-07 22:21:08
2018-08-07 23:32:01 Brandon

Thanks Kurt

I ordered the wrong thing.  Although there's plenty of documentation it seems disorganized.

I remember coming across the compatibility chart but I didn't know at the time that the HN11-i101 was an idler set.

BTW - is this image from the product page correct?  Because I have the parts depicted here:


2018-08-07 23:32:01
2018-08-08 02:54:06 Kurt

Actually these parts don't really match what is shown in the above drawing,

You more or less just screw it in to the back:   On the back is the circular indentation where you simply drop in the outer ring of the HN11, then you position the inner ring where the open slot area is toward the bottom (wire area), such that if you desire you can run one of the connecting wires through here.  And then you use the included screw to the thread you see in the center of that area.

2018-08-08 02:54:06
2018-08-08 08:29:08 Will Son

Thank you Brandon and Kurt for the precious feedback.

We'll keep trying to organize materials based on customers' needs.

Regarding the idler assembly for XL430-W250, you can find more detailed image from the below eManual page.


Thank you.

2018-08-08 08:29:08
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