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Power for dynamixel pro
2018-09-11 16:12:47 imarvi2

Hi, I need to power 6 dynamixel pro H54-200 with bateries but I find no solution within robotis catalogue. Could you recommend me any alternative model and/or supplier where I could find a solution.

Thanks for your support.

Iván M.

2018-09-11 16:12:47
2018-09-12 09:38:35 Will Son


Power is very important and crucial component of the robot and this is heavily dependent on the application.

Therefore, please be generous on not being able to mention a specific product for your case.

If you need to use a battery, I'd recommend 6S1P Li-Po battery pack.

The nominal voltage for this battery is 22.2V and when fully charged, it goes up to 25.2V.

Using regulated 24V would be the best, but if you can't implement an additional power board, then 6S1P battery will be one of the feasible solutions.

Depending on your application, the Continuous Current of H54-200-S500-R is 9.3A so theoretically if you are operating them with this amount of current at the same time, you'll need a battery that can supply 56A.

Some Li-Po battery packs for drones are capable of supplying 10C so you might want to check them out.

Thank you.

2018-09-12 09:38:35
2018-09-12 16:23:46 ivan martinez

Thanks for your avice. I'll have a look on your recommendations. Regards, Iván

2018-09-12 16:23:46
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