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Reverse Voltage on Dynamixel
2018-10-11 03:58:38 Larcay

Hello everyone

Is there a need to put a protective diode on Vdd/Ground to avoid reverse voltage peaks on Dynamixel actuators like regular motors/inductors? 

Can I use the same power source to power both Dynamixel and a microcontroler without damaging the microcontroller (with or without the diode protection)?

I'm new to electronics and could not find if this info anywere.

Thanks in advance.

2018-10-11 03:58:38
2018-10-12 18:04:07 Will Son


It is usually recommended to separate power source for controllers and actuators as sudden current draw from actuators can cause voltage drop.

Generating excessive power by rotating Dynamixel horn when it is turned off could damage the internal PCB and internal hardwares so please avoid intentionally rotating the horn.

Thank you.

2018-10-12 18:04:07
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