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High precision, payload and power
2018-10-11 04:37:19 JCarlos

Hi!  I am member of a research team. Unfortunately we are not mechanical/electronic  engineers or industrial designers. Our field is Computer Science. However we are considering Dynamixel motors for our indoor autonomous robotic platform (with wheels),

Basically, the concept of our robotic platform is a motorized mobile laptop table.  We want to build it from its components. And now we need your advice.

Currently , there are three critical points.

1. Precision.  We have a precise indoor navigation system (based in ultrasound) https://marvelmind.com/. However we want to position our robot with high precision in specific (absolute or relative) coordinates. For example ; Stands in position, waits a while, and continues to the next position and so on...

 Coordinates (in meters): (1.0,1.0), (1.1, 1.0), (1.2, 1.0), (1.3, 1.0), [...], (1.0,1.1), (1.1,1.1)...

Dynamixel motors seem  to be very precise motors, with a great software support.

The 'onboard' laptop controls the motors (USB port if it is possible)

2. Load/Payload. The full platform  will have a maximum weight of 20 kilos (laptop. motors, wheels, aluminum structure, etc...). Therefore we need motors that offer sufficient traction (torque?) in order to move the platform (easily, not overloading)

What dynamixel motor models (if any) meet these specifications (precision and payload)? 

NOTE: We are hesitating between a configuration of two engines (2X wheels) or four engines (4X wheels). Any suggestion? 

3. Energy. We need a power source (battery?) for the "locomotion" system. What do you recommend in this context?

Thanks in advance and sorry for my English!!


2018-10-11 04:37:19
2018-10-15 10:48:45 Will Son

Hi Jose,

Thank you for the inquiry.

1. Almost all Dynamixel will be able to meet the precision requirement.
   For example, Turtlebot Conveyor was able to carry 30kg load with XM430-W350.

   Another example with Thormang3, Dynamixel Pro H54-100-S500-R were used for the wheels.

   Selecting proper Dynamixel should be reviewed by mechanical engineer because requirement could be vary by platform design.

   If you are considering Pro series, it would be a good strategy to wait for upcoming Pro Plus.

2. H54-100-S500-R would provide enough torque for 20kg platform, but as I mentioned mechanical engineer should review the design.
   Such as shock absorbing system from driving terrain might be required based on the mechanical design of the platform.
   I would recommend two wheel driving platform as it is easier to control

   However, if you are planning to run in an outdoor environment, 4x would be advantageous.

3. Dynamixel Pro requires 24V and in case of Thormang3, it uses 22,000mA 6S1P Lithium Polymer battery.

   You will need to choose proper battery voltage for the selected Dynamixel.

Hope this information helps you to develop your platform.

Thank you.

2018-10-15 10:48:45
2018-10-27 03:50:29 Jose Carlos

Thank you for your answer, Will!  The Pro Plus series seem impressive!!! 8-O. Unfortunately, we work with a modest budget. XM430-W350  could be enough for our purposes, i think.

In fact we are considering the  XM430-W350-R  However,   What are the differences with a XH430-W350-R in simple terms? Better precision?  Better torque? Better acceleration?...

Thanks in advance again! 


2018-10-27 03:50:29
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