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Using UP board instead of Raspberry PI 3 on turtlebot3
2018-11-09 08:03:14 reebal

I am still learning ROS. so far I only found this


I can power the UP Board from the OpenCR Board.

I can buy a WIFI Kit to connect the UP Board to the internet.

According to the link above, I don't need to change the software. (is that true?)

my question is how do I connect the UP board to the Open CR board? The Raspberry PI was connected through pins 4 and 6.

2018-11-09 08:03:14
2018-11-09 16:25:44 Will Son


Either Raspberry Pi 3 or UP board is working as a local PC for TurtleBot3 so there won't be any differences if you switch the hardware as long as the SBC supports Linux and ROS.

If I'm looking at the same product you have(AAEON UP Board), you can power the UP board with 5V output port from OpenCR. It is located near the main power switch.


However, please note that 12V and 5V output from OpenCR are sharing power source.

Therefore 60W would be the maximum power supply from 12V + 5V(5V is limited to 4A, 20W).

If you decided to use UP Board(5V, 3A) from 5V output, you should NOT use more than 3.5A from 12V output.

Thank you.

2018-11-09 16:25:44
2018-11-10 09:32:17 Kurt

I have powered up the UP board using the same connections as for an RPI.  However I screwed up once and fried the UP board.  So Currently I am using a BEC, which I plug into the Power Out pint (http://emanual.robotis.com/docs/en/parts/controller/opencr10/#layoutpin-map) and I use a barrel connector that I plug into the main UP boards power input.

2018-11-10 09:32:17
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