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How to disassemble the horn HN12-I101 set from XM430-W350-R?
2019-01-07 16:08:56 Allie

Hi Mr. Will,

Good day.

I assmbled the horn HN12-I101 set to  XM430-W350-R. Now I want to disassemble this horn. How can I do? 

I try to many ways and failed. Do you have the disassemble video? or good sulotion?

2019-01-07 16:08:56
2019-01-14 16:00:02 Lucy Oh

Hi Allie,

Sorry for the delay. Will is currently on a business trip so let me assist. 

You can use a bearing puller. 

Below is a video on how to disassemble the horn.


(sorry, it's in Korean)

Thank you.

2019-01-14 16:00:02
2019-01-15 02:11:28 Will Son

Hi Allie,

Here's the video you can refer to.


2019-01-15 02:11:28
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