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Genetic / Evolutionary algorithms
2019-01-08 17:08:54 martin_r

Hey guys,

i have a question regarding Genetic / Evolutionary algorithms (GA / EA).

It would be great, if a competent ROBOTIS engineer can reply.

Here is my question:

How often are you guys using GA / EA  ?

Can some skilled ROBOTIS engineer closer explain how in particular are GA / EA used when designing robots ?

i heard that genetic / evolutionary algorithm is a powerful design tool, i am an engineer too, but no experience with GA / EA

Thank you!




2019-01-08 17:08:54
2019-01-15 02:46:43 Will Son

Hi Martin,

I can't confirm in which code ROBOTIS is using Evolutionary algorithm, but if it can't be found from our GitHub repositories, it is not disclosed nor exist.

I'm also not familiar to the aforementioned algorithm, but I've learned a bit by searching google and reading papers so you'll be able to find appropriate situation where you can use the algorithm.

Thank you for enlightening me with the EA :D

2019-01-15 02:46:43
2019-01-18 17:05:42 martin jan

Hi Willson,

from you reply, it seems, you never heard of evolutionary / genetic algorithms, could you confirm that ?

It is not a shame, i am an engineer too, none of my colleagues ever used genetic / algorithms. But we don't design robots, so i thought, that robot-engineers might be more 'advanced' :)

For how long have you been a robot-designed (engineer) ? 


2019-01-18 17:05:42
2019-01-19 04:11:34 Will Son

Hi Martin,

I'm pretty much sure that there will be more than thousands of algorithms that I haven't heard, but I never thought about not knowing them as a shame so don't worry :)

There are various Robotics markets and engineers are specialized in specific fields where they've been working on.

I think you are also specialized in your robotics field where EA/GA are useful.

ROS is becoming an ideal platform for robot developments, and I'm pretty much sure that you can find the algorithm there.

2019-01-19 04:11:34
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