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2019-01-09 10:25:41 ERoma91

Hi dear friends.

I'm here because my team and I had some problems using Dynamixel motors on a machine that we developed. I'm going to share with you some pictures about our machine. We made all machines to build a scale packing line where the most of all motors are a combination of diferents Dynamixel models. 

  • We have used a RS-485 communication protocol to connect all the motors, that protocol is running under ourself LabView based software and using your libraries to this purpose.
  • We have working on our machine 16 Motors divided on 2 groups of 8 motors each one:
    • Every group have a themself adapter RS-485 to USB (USB2Dynamixel)
    • Every group has all of motors in parallel connection
      • That situation was born after we did serial connection and all were working wrong even putting together a resistor on the circuit (Missing communication, couldn't find a part of motors or all of them), so we did fix it doing parallel connection.

The past year was our 4th consecutive year showing this machine on PMA Fresh Sumit event and others expos, but we were involved on more problems than others years with the motors also, it's for that we want to request for help to you.

  • Could't find some motor or all of them
  • The motor don't response at the command requested

Right now we using all the wiring connections with shielded cable to avoid interference with electrical noise, our machine has 2 three phase motors controlled by inverters each one to vary the frecuency, all of our equipment are conected to the ground sistem and we using Windows 10 on PC to control everything, data and force are on separated circuits.

Could we go where you are to explain much better all problems of us or could you visit us also.

We don´t want to change to other motors or brand because the Dynamixel size of it is so perfect to our application, could you help us?

2019-01-09 10:25:41
2019-01-15 02:57:50 Will Son


I'm sorry for the late reply due to business trip and thank you so much for attaching the video and pictures.

It helps me so much to understand the your environments and I'm glad that you are already using shielded cables to avoid the noise from 3 phase motors.

May I ask you a few more information in order to figure out the issue?

- Dynamixel Model : 

- Protocol Version(1.0 / 2.0) : 

- Dynamixel Firmware Version : 

- Dynamixel settings :

If there's any information that can't be shared in this forum to protect your technologies, please feel free to contact at contactus2@robotis.com and ask for Will.

Thank you.

2019-01-15 02:57:50
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