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I am Bluetooth interface for ROBOTIS MINI is required
2019-01-10 23:26:28 hiroyuki


I am using ROBOTIS MINI.

I like to operate from Windows like Android's ROBOTIS MINI App.

Since the connection between the Android's ROBOTIS MINI App and the body of ROBOTIS MINI is Bluetooth, it is also possible from Widows.

Is the software interface released somewhere?

I can confirm that I can connect to the body of ROBOTIS MINI using Bluecove (for Java).

BlueCove version 2.1.0 on winsock

--- Starting device inquiry

Device discovered: B863BC00B063 (ROBOTIS_210_63)

--- Device Inquiry Completed - INQUIRY_COMPLETED

--- Service Inquiry Started

From: ROBOTIS_210_63

--- Service search completed - code: 1

[I] BTConnection: Connect B863BC00B063 (ROBOTIS_210_63)

[I] BTConnection: btspp://B863BC00B063:1;authenticate=false;encrypt=false;master=false

Thank you.

2019-01-10 23:26:28
2019-01-15 10:14:52 Will Son


Unfortunately, firmware or task file for ROBOTIS MINI is not disclosed.

However, since bluetooth module is using the Communication Port of the OpenCM9.04, you can refer to Communication Packet if you need to write your own task code.

Thank you.

2019-01-15 10:14:52
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