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OPEN CR remote control
2019-05-08 16:17:40 phsycosise
I am looking to operate the open CR with a remote controller, I have purchased the RC 100 and I have an infrared sensor which should allow for remote control. My aim is to simply control the angles on the robotis servos through the RC 100 infrared controller using the infrared sensor. I am finding it difficult to communicate with the open cr as the manual includes no instruction on where to place the sensor on the open cr. I have placed it on UART 2. There appears to be no communication with it regardless of RC 100 channel number. Please respond to this whenever possible.

2019-05-08 16:17:40
2019-05-08 16:57:30 Will Son


If you are using IR-10, you can simply connect it to either UART port 1 or 2.


Please refer to Arduino RC100 example.

You can find the example after setting up the Arduino IDE for OpenCR


Thank you.

2019-05-08 16:57:30
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