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R+ Manager 2.0
2019-05-15 10:47:49 Allie

This software seems to have a bug.

When the operation mode of Dynamixel is set to velocity mode, the value of 104 Goal Velocity can only be positive but not negative.

At least for now, XL430-W250-T and XM430-W210-T have this situation.

My colleague was able to debug the Dynamixel  normally with the previous version of R+ Manager 2.0, but when he updated to the latest version, there was a problem mentioned earlier.

So I think there's a problem with the software.

2019-05-15 10:47:49
2019-05-15 17:13:36 Will Son

Hi Allie,

Thank you for reporting the issue.

I just checked with XL-430 and XM430-W210 from R+Manager 2.0(v2.2.13) but could not identify the issue with the negative Goal Velocity(104) operation when DYNAMIXEL is set to Velocity Control Mode.

Could you specify the test condition?
Thank you.

2019-05-15 17:13:36
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