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What is the difference between PRO and PRO+?
2019-06-06 11:43:19 Allie

Our purchasing staff found that PRO has been removed from the shelves and changed to PRO+. 

What is the difference between the two?

Please give us a comparison of the specific parameters to make it easier for us to sell better.


2019-06-06 11:43:19
2019-06-10 14:05:29 Will Son


PRO+ adopts more efficient and stable hardware, therefore, more accurate and stable control is possible.

PRO+ also provide much higher resolution steps that allows to precisely control the motion.

The internal algorithm and hardware that controls the core motor is also revised for better efficiency and more stable, faster reaction.

Please take a look at below video that describes differences between PRO and PRO+


Thank you.

2019-06-10 14:05:29
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