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[XL430W250 + Dynamixel SDK Test]
2019-07-12 10:36:40 ashokorea


Since I am trying to run DynamixelSDK test programs (ping, read_write,...etc.) on xl430w250, I didnt understand the configuration for it. I am mentioning here.


Case1. xl320 + DynamixelSDK + OpenCM904 + U2D2
1. Connected as shown in image.

2. Running test programs via PC to OpenCM904 while defining DEVICENAME as COM 'A' which is connected to OpenCM904. test examples run fine.

In this case it runs when detecting the COM 'A' which is connected to OpenCM904.

Case2. xl430w250 + DynamixelSDK +OpenCM904 +  OpenCM485 EXP + U2D2

1. connected as shown in image.

2. Running test programs via PC to OpenCM904 while defining DEVICENAME as COM 'A' which is connected to (OpenCM904+485 Exp).

-DEVICENAME COM 'A' : nothing happens, no response from motor
-DEVICENAME COM 'B' : servo runs

I didnt understand why It runs on detecting COM 'B' which is connected to U2D2, instead of OpenCM904.

Also, is is mentioned in emanual of OpenCM485 EXP that " JP1 Jumper: Jumper that determines whether the power inputted onto OpenCM485 EXP will be supplied to OpenCM9.04 board or not."
Should I 'shorted ' the jumper? 

Please check this configuration and correct me if anything is wrong.

Thank you!


2019-07-12 10:36:40
2019-07-12 11:50:15 Will Son


DYNAMIXEL SDK is a difficult way to operate the DYNAMIXEL yet it gives you much more flexibility and freedom in terms of controlling DYNAMIXEL.

I'd strongly recommend to use DYNAMIXEL2Arduino first, and once you have enough understanding on DYNAMIXEL and hardware, you can move on to DYNAMIXEL SDK.

If you short the JP1 jumper on OpenCM485 EXP, the power supplied to OpenCM485 EXP will also be supplied to the DXL ports on OpenCM9.04.

If you connect XL-320 on OpenCM9.04, and supplying 12V to OpenCM485EXP with JP1 shorted, you'll damage XL-320 as XL-320 will receive 12V from OpenCM485EXP, so please be aware of shorting the jumper.

Please refer to your previous posting for more explanation on running DYNAMIXEL2Arduino example.


Thank you.

2019-07-12 12:03:00 ashokorea
Hi willson, Thanks for your feedback and suggestions~
I'd follow the 'dynamixel2Arduino' test program first and then move to dynamixelSDK.....

Since i am not connecting xl320 and xl430 at the same time on openCM904, the figure is just to show the hardware connection when i had used xl320 and when I am using xl430 at present.
But the way to program xl320 is fine via COM27 unlike to program xl430 via COM27. As per my understanding COM 24 is only to read the control table on 'Dynamixel Wizard'..isn't?

As per your explanation and since I am only using xl430 at a time on openCM904+485Exp, I would not short the jumper since i am connecting xl430 only on Exp485 board, not on openCM904.

Regarding my previous post, i still have issue while running Dynamixel2Arduino test program on xl430. I updated it with the detail info you requested. Please check!

Thank You!
2019-07-12 12:03:00
2019-07-12 11:50:15
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