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Please give me a recommendation
2019-08-09 12:49:04 Allie

There are two requirements.

First, under 0.25 elastic load, input 1V step signal, the transition overshoot of Dynamixel system ≤ 10%, and the number of half-wave oscillations ≤ 2 times.

Second, under 0.25 elastic load, input 1V sinusoidal signal, Dynamixel system frequency band ≥ 15Hz (- 3dB or 45 °).

Please recommend a PRO Dynamixel to me.


2019-08-09 12:49:04
2019-08-09 15:10:49 Will Son

Hi Allie,

It is unclear what the customer want with DYNAMIXEL with the given information.

I think it will be better for the customer to choose what they want from the PRO+ by looking at the specifications of each product.


If the customer is trying to use 1V level step / sinusoidal signals as an input source, it won't work with DYNAMIXEL.

Please help the customer to understand that DYNAMIXEL is a smart actuator that requires digital packets in order to operate.

Thank you.

2019-08-09 15:10:49
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