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Type of plug
2019-11-25 17:01:01 Allie

What type of connector is required for this sensor interface(5P) on CM530?

Thank you very much for sharing.

2019-11-25 17:01:01
2019-11-26 04:06:41 Will Son


I'm sorry, but I didn't clearly understand your inquiry.

If the sensor is from 3rd party product, please make sure that the pinout is compatible with CM530 5pin


Or, if you are looking for the cable, you can find the 5pin cable from below.

150mm : http://en.robotis.com/shop_en/item.php?it_id=903-0086-000 

400mm : http://en.robotis.com/shop_en/item.php?it_id=903-0187-000 

Or, if you are looking for the part number of the housing, I'm afraid that the information is not disclosed.

Thank you.

2019-11-26 04:06:41
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