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[OpenManipulator Chain Custom] fail to solve inverse kinematics
2019-11-27 02:56:43 jeeerd
I am newbie in ROS world and I really need help.
I am trying to run OpenManipulator-X using raspberryPi 3b+. I am using open_manipulator_controller package and whenever I am trying to move end effector using open_manipulator_teleop_keyboard I get this error and the manipulator goes crazy for a second:
[ERROR] [checkJointLimit] Goal value exceeded limit at joint1.
[ERROR] [OpenManipulator Chain Custom]fail to solve inverse kinematics
[ERROR] [TASK_TRAJECTORY] fail to solve IK
Please help me
2019-11-27 02:56:43
2019-12-03 15:47:23 Will Son


Unfortunately, it is difficult for me to give you more details with given information.

However, I'd recommend you to visit https://answers.ros.org/questions/ and provide more information on what did you do on customization.

If you have modified the OpenManipulator, you might need to update the URDF accordingly.

Thank you.

2019-12-03 15:47:23
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