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How to Install a custom gripper in OpenManipulator-PRO?
2019-12-10 01:59:04 kaikewreis

Hello engineers!

I'm trying to install a custom gripper in OpenManipulator-PRO. This gripper is composed by a Dynamixel MX-28 (Protocol 2.0) and this set http://www.robotis.us/fr07-g101gm-set/ bought from ROBOTIS. 

I first tried to change its code package (open_manipulator_pro.cpp) to enter the MX-28 settings that rotate around the Y axis with a maximum and minimum limit, but I was unsuccessful, mainly because this code is very well encapsulated.

Then I tried to develop a gripper controller with this launch attached ​to control only the ID 7,  where in theory I would raise the control to my manipulator (with_gripper set as false) and the launch for the gripper, but apparently there is conflict between them to use the Dynamixel Driver.

I would like some help if possible to resolve this issue

2019-12-10 01:59:04
2019-12-11 07:45:37 Will Son


Thank you for your inquiry.

The packages you are referring is written for DYNAMIXEL Pro series, therefore, it may not applicable for the use with MX series.

If you wish to create the customized manipulator using DYNAMIXEL, I'd recommend to use "ROBOTIS Manipulator Library" instead.

You'll be able to find more resources from below eManual link.


Thank you.

2019-12-11 07:45:37
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