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[OpenManipulator] in Current-based Position Control mode
2019-12-11 03:54:59 morusa


I am use the robot in Current-based Position Control mode, I was able to limit the torque to the required parameters to protect the joints because it will be teleoperated with a joystick, the users will be children and will not take care of the limits. 

But there is a problem of "tremors." Please watch the following video. 


These tremors according to my analysis are due to the "backlash" of the servomotor gear. 

please, what parameters I could adjust to eliminate this trembling behavior? 

If I return the robot to position_mode the behavior is perfect, but how can I monitor the current that each servomotor is demanding? In order to protect the servomotors when the user tries to move the arm in a direction where an obstacle is found.

2019-12-11 03:54:59
2019-12-12 08:19:22 Will Son


Regardless of the control mode, you can read Present Current(126) from DYNAMIXEL X series, which means you can get the torque applied to the DYNAMIXEL under Position Control Mode.

If you need to adjust the PID gain for the trembling issue, I would recommend to adjust D gain.

However, please also make sure that the analog joystick provides a consistent value.

Thank you.

2019-12-12 08:19:22
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