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Adding solenoid valve
2020-01-09 10:24:42 bostonrob


Solenoid + opencr

I want to connect several solenoid valves with Opencr,  which pin I can use? 

solenoid + U2D2

if it is possible using U2D2 to connect solenoid valve to computer ?


2020-01-09 10:24:42
2020-01-09 16:47:11 Will Son


I'm not sure what kind of Solenoid valves you are looking at, but usually OpenCR or U2D2 is not feasible to control Solenoid valves as it does not have proper power source control for valves.

Thank you.

2020-01-09 16:47:11
2020-01-16 13:29:52 rob

Hi, Willson, 

the solenoid is 12VDC, I will use 4, so 4 pins.

On the another side, which pins are output, what is the voltage, I am not quite clear reading the e_manual, could you quick introduce.


2020-01-16 13:29:52
2020-01-17 17:49:33 Will Son


From the power input connectors at the bottom left corner, 12V -> 5V -> 3.3V at the top right corner will be regulated sequentially.

Please note that there are power limit for 12V and 5V sources as they are sourced and sharing 12V source.

VDD in TTL and RS485 are connected to either Battery or DC barrel connector and controlled by the FET on top of TTL connectors.

Thank you.

2020-01-17 17:49:33
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