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RC100- U2D2 communication
2020-01-15 10:17:39 bostonrob


 Could I using u2d2 to connect RC-100?

I used OPENCR to connect RC-100 , it is ok.  

so I want to skip opencr, directly using rc-100 to control dynamixel, it is ok?


2020-01-15 10:17:39
2020-01-17 17:52:28 Will Son


I don't think I fully understood your inquiry.

You can connect 4pin UART interface(such as BT-410) to U2D2, however, U2D2 does not have any library to control DYNAMIXEL.

Also, RC-100 itself cannot control DYNAMIXEL without any proper control board.

Thank you.

2020-01-17 17:52:28
2020-01-19 10:16:50 rob

Hi, Willson, 

your answer is really helpful.

sorry for my question:

my question is : can I using RC-100 to control dynamixel without Opencr board. 

you answer is no.  I am right?

Thanks a lot!


2020-01-19 10:16:50
2020-01-20 09:02:59 Will Son

Hi Rob,

Thank you for the clarification.

You're right, my answer is "No, you can't".

You need a controller to create a proper digital packet that controls DYNAMIXEL.

Even setting DYNAMIXEL PWM mode, DYNAMIXEL still requires a digital form of PWM data from the DYNAMIXEL protocol packet.

Thank you.

2020-01-20 09:02:59
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