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Specifications of Dynamixel XM 540 W 270
2020-02-04 20:18:43 marija


On the data sheet for the Dynamixel XM 540 W 270  I have seen that the integrated DC motor is coreless, but I have unfortunately not found any further information. Could you please provide me with further specifications of the DC Motor used to build the Dynamixel XM 540 W 270 servo motor?

Specifically I'm looking for the values of the Resistance, Inductance, Stall Torque, Torque Constant, Inertia, No Load Current and Speed, as pertaining to the DC Motor that's integrated into the Dynamixel XM 540 W 270 servo motor ?

Perhaps a data sheet or model number of the integrated DC Motor would be the most helpful. I am working on a university project that incorparates the Dynamixel Motor, and would need these values for my further calculations.  


2020-02-04 20:18:43
2020-02-05 14:32:17 Will Son


Unfortunately, the core motor in DYNAMIXEL are customized product, therefore, specific data is not allowed to be shared.

Thank you for your inquiry.

2020-02-05 14:32:17
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