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Dynamixel Shield Arduino with Arducam ESP32 UNO Board
2020-02-07 20:29:58 fxerri


I'm using Dynamixel Shield with Arduino board. It works now after have found some information about serial communication in the forum.

But now I wanted to use with Arducam ESP32 UNO Board to create a rover with 6 servos AX12A and a camera:


It doesn't work with this board. Nothing happen. The servo doesn't move. I don't know how to solve this problem. I understand it must be a communication problem. But i'm not a specialist, I'm professor in Mechanical enginneering not Electronics and computing.

Do you have an idea to solve this problem.

Thank you

2020-02-07 20:29:58
2020-02-10 11:52:37 Will Son


First of all, DynamixelShield library must be installed on Arduino IDE.

In order to use DYNAMIXEL Shield on Arduino compatible boards, you should import DynamixelShield library at the beginning of your Arduino sketch.

Also, in order to read data from the serial port on the DYNAMIXEL Shield, SoftwareSerial must be defined to pin # 7 and 8.

#include <DynamixelShield.h>
#include <SoftwareSerial.h>

SoftwareSerial soft_serial(7, 8); // DYNAMIXELShield UART RX/TX
#define DEBUG_SERIAL soft_serial
const uint8_t DXL_ID = 1;
const float DXL_PROTOCOL_VERSION = 2.0;

DynamixelShield dxl;

Thank you.

2020-02-10 11:52:37
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