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Problem with firmware with MX106T Dynamixel and arbotix pro
2020-02-15 04:39:53 AntoineSion


I'm working on a project with multiple MX106T linked to an arbotix pro. I successfully managed to test the servomotors through the arbotix pro using Dynamixel Wizard. The ID's were all different and all the servomotors were detected. But then, I tried to update the firmware of all these servomotors at the same time, and the update failed (I don't know why). Now I can't detect any of my servomotors. I tried firmware recovery for the motors but it didn't work (still not detected). I don't know what to do, please help.

2020-02-15 04:39:53
2020-02-17 10:00:24 Will Son


In order to manage the DYNAMIXEL with ROBOTIS softwares, it is strongly recommended to use U2D2 or USB2Dynamixel.

Using a third party product as a communication interface cannot guarantee its functionality.

Thank you.

2020-02-17 10:00:24
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