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Zmp fsr
2020-03-21 05:37:16 elcelceng
http://en.robotis.com/service/forum_view.php?bbs_no=2407770&page=2&save_sca=&sca=&save_stx=&stx=&sfl= the resultant sizes of left and right fsr are total left:1822 total right:25699. Since it is 25699 >> 1822, the zmp value of the robot must be very close to the resultant force on the right foot.but when we look at the program screen it looks at the midpoint. Is this possible? I think it's not possible according to the physics rules. L1 1089 L2 733 L3 0 L4 0 R1 5597 R2 5495 R3 13275 R4 1332
2020-03-21 05:37:16
2020-03-23 09:20:37 Will Son


I'm sorry for the late reply.

Please refer to below thread where we've been discussing.


Thank you.

2020-03-23 09:20:37
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