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2020-03-24 19:56:41 vntds

Currently, only R+ Design software on PC allow to create new designs (.dgn files). Is it possible to make this feature available on R+ m.Design app.

Could you give hints on how to use this feature "align with previous/next view point" under F4/Edit Assembly. Currently we have to manually edit view points by editing the source of .dgn file (choose a pre-determined viewpoint then copy and paste code).

Could we have a new category, let say "Custom ROBOTIS" in the gallery, which would display design of custom robot just like other category in the gallery



2020-03-24 19:56:41
2020-03-25 09:21:22 Will Son


Thank you for your feedback regarding the R+Design software and mobile app.

I'll deliver your voice to dev team.

The Align with previous view point (<) and next view point (>) sets a new view point to a current scene.

For example, in the below assembly guide, when #4 scene is selected from the left column, click [Align with next view point (>)] button will set the view point of current scene to #2 scene.

As a result, #2 scene and #4 scene will have an identical view point.

Likewise, clicking [Align with previous view point (<)] at the #4 scene will copy the view point of #6 scene and paste to #4 scene.

Once these view point change is made, click the [Save View] button to save current view point.


2020-03-25 09:21:22
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