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Move the Turtlebot3 using interactive marker
2020-05-14 04:52:23 robotiscustomer

Hi Willson, I am at Section 8.3.1 Move using Interactive Markers of the e-Manual for Turtlebot3.

In RViz, when I clicked on the big red arrow in the direction pointing forward once and released, the robot moved quickly forward for a second or so and stopped. However, when I clicked and released the big red arrow pointing to the back, the robot continued to move forward. I had to drag the arrow for the robot to move backward. Even so, it moved backward very slowly. How does this work?

In 8.3.3 Point Operation, I am a bit confused. Where is the origin? When I typed: 0.1 0 0, the robot turned.

2020-05-14 04:52:23
2020-05-18 16:03:42 Will Son


When controlling TurtleBot3 with basic examples, you should only run the certain example.

If Teleoperation or other control example is running, this will cause unexpected behavior.

For the interactive marker, you can drag the arrow to the forward or backward direction and let go of it to make the robot stop, and drag the blue ring to cw or ccw direction to rotate the robot.

In the Point Operation, the origin is the pose where the robot is powered on.

The z item is a heading that the robot will be facing at the designated x, y location.

Thank you.

2020-05-18 16:03:42
2020-05-22 05:56:10 robotiscustomer


Do you mean 8.3.1, 8.3.2, 8.3.3 and 8.3.4 are independent examples? 

Do you mean I have to kill the rlaunch job of one section (example) before running the other example?

Am I supposed to execute: roslaunch turtlebot3_bringup turtlebot3_remote.launch before executing the roslaunch command of each section and also whenever after I reboot or turn on the Turtlebot3?

2020-05-22 05:56:10
2020-05-22 13:59:28 Will Son

Right, they are all independent examples that describes different methods of controlling the robot.

Once you launch the bringup from 7.2 with below command, you should run one example at a time.

You can consider the "bringup" command as a ready status to run commands from the Remote PC.

$ roslaunch turtlebot3_bringup turtlebot3_robot.launch

For example, if you executed the interactive marker example, and wish to try point operation, you can simply terminate the terminal that is running roslaunch turtlebot3_example interactive_markers.launch with Ctrl + C, then execute roslaunch turtlebot3_example turtlebot3_pointop_key.launch in the same terminal where interactive marker was running.

2020-05-23 01:45:35 robotiscustomer
Thanks. That's great! I will give it a try.
2020-05-23 01:45:35
2020-05-22 13:59:28
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