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OpenCR enter recovery mode via command line?
2020-07-16 19:16:14 jack94

Is there any way to enter recovery mode without pressing the buttons SW2, reset? 

Ideally via command line as I have a cover over my OpenCR so cannot access buttons. 

2020-07-16 19:16:14
2020-07-17 17:52:01 Will Son


As you can see from below eManual, boot mode can be entered from 2 different method.


1. Pressing SW2 button while powering up the board.

2. When there's no firmware on the board.

However, we do not provide tools for deleting firmware so I would say without pressing the SW2 button, it may not go into boot mode(recovery mode).

FYI, if firmware upload fails, OpenCR will stay in bootmode as there is no valid firmware on the board.

Thank you.

2020-07-17 17:52:01
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