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Dynamixel MX-28 undetected by Dynamixel Wizard and R+Manager 2.0
2020-08-25 17:11:32 Tanguy


I have a MX-28 which was working well, and I did a firmware recovery (v41) thanks to Dynamixel Wizard 2.0. The recovery procedure failed, and the MX-28 is no longer detected by both Dynamixel Wizard 2.0 and R+Manager2.0. As the motor isn't detected, I can't try to do another firmware recovery procedure.

I use an U2D2 connector with a SMPS2Dynamixel. The LED on the motor doesn't blink anymore and stay off.

Do you have a procedure to solve this issue ?

Thank you in advance for your support

2020-08-25 17:11:32
2020-08-27 16:24:13 Will Son


In case of failed firmware recovery, please try the firmware recovery process again with DYNAMIXEL Wizard 2.0.

If this firmware recovery procedure also fails, then please request RMA service for repairing the product.

Thank you.

2020-08-27 16:24:13
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