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Reboot after Shutdown with XM430-W210-R
2020-09-12 02:59:06 kbrenner

I am using the XM430-W210-R model, and I am writing to the motor using Micropython and a Pyboard. I can accurately send any instruction packet (and have confirmed with enable/disable torque, read/write position/velocity/current/baudrate/operating mode/etc.). When I experience a hardware shutdown, I am trying to program the ability to manually force a "reboot". I am writing the Reboot instruction packet of fffffd000104000601a1e6 as described on the Protocol 2.0 documentation. Upon rebooting, I am able to read position/current again; however, I am unable to write any velocities/positions to the motor. I have confirmed that Torque is enabled, but I cannot write velocities/positions to the motor (and I have confirmed that the correct operating mode is selected). Am I missing a step? 

2020-09-12 02:59:06
2020-09-14 11:37:33 Will Son


Thank you for your inquiry.

First of all, please check your Reboot instruction packet as it doesn't look correct.

The Reboot instruction packet written in the eManual is as below.


In case of getting Shutdown due to Overheating Error, rebooting may not work as the internal temperature has to drop under certain temperature or else shutdown will keep occurring even after the reboot.

Thank you.

2020-09-14 11:37:33
2020-09-14 23:37:43 Kevin Brenner

Apologies, I typed the wrong byte array into my original message. I am in fact using the instruction packet of 'fffffd00010300082f4e', and the issue I described in my original comment is happening. I am actually just trying to force a reboot even without a true Shutdown case just to see how the reboot would even work.

2020-09-14 23:37:43
2020-09-15 00:01:57 Kevin Brenner

I found the issue, I was not reinitializing my indirect addresses that were erased in RAM area. For a real shutdown, after I have rebooted, which allows for torque enable to be set to 1, do I need to reset hardware error status to all 0's or does this happen automatically on Reboot, since Hardware Error Status is in the RAM area?

2020-09-15 00:01:57
2020-09-15 09:38:03 Will Son

Thank you for the updates.

You are correct, after rebooting DYNAMIXEL, all data in the RAM area will be reset to initial values(including Hardware Error Status).

You can consider the Reboot as a power switch.

2020-09-15 09:38:03
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