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Significance of negative current values
2020-10-05 18:20:05 amrita_o


I am using 5 Dynamixel XM430-W350T motors for my application. Controller used : OpenCM9.04 + EXP board. 

To read the current consumed by each motor during operation, i am reading the PRESENT CURRENT register repeatedly. Two tyings i noticed are :

1. Sometimes the current values  in negative for atleast two of the motors. though i do not see any visible problems, should i be concerned about this? What is the significance of -ve current?

2. In few modes, two motors are not used and remain stationary (but connected to power).But the current log shows they are drawing power. Is that normal?

Thanks in advance.

2020-10-05 18:20:05
2020-10-08 10:55:45 Will Son


You can compare the Present Current as balancing a basketball on your forehead.
Although the ball stays still on your forehead(stable Present Position), your body must continuously make a small adjustment(Present Current) in order to balance the ball.
The current to the motor is continuously adjusted to make a stable movement.
Thank you.
2020-10-08 10:55:45
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