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Dynamix cable extent
2020-10-18 14:09:55 wendy2016
Hello 1. The 20cm of DYNAMIXEL mx-64AR cable is not enough. Can I replace it with 15m? 2. DYNAMIXEL mx-64ar can use multi length cables at most without affecting normal operation and signal receiving? Thank you
2020-10-18 14:09:55
2020-10-20 16:16:53 Will Son


Usually RS-485 signals provide better noise immunity than TTL, but this can also be affected by the length of the cable, communication speed(Baudrate), environment, cable conditions, and so on.

15m cable can be used, but depending on aforementioned factors, you might need to adjust the baudrate, 120ohm termination resistor at the end of the RS-485 bus, use of twisted shield cable for better signal immunity.

Thank you.

2020-10-20 16:16:53
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