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DYNAMIXEL XM540-W270-R & arduino uno
2020-11-10 18:20:44 gripper42

Hello there,


I am trying to control DYNAMIXEL XM540-W270-R based on position and voltage change in a force sensor. I would like to use arduino uno and dynamixel sheild as in the video on youtube. I carefully scrutinized the video and the documents used in the video. I arranged all the settings as defined in the video. However, I can not send a signal to the servo. Could you please help me to overcome this problem? Thanks in advance. I will be very happy to use a dynamixel in my R&D projects, if you could support me. 

2020-11-10 18:20:44
2020-11-16 18:15:00 Will Son


I'm sorry about the delayed reply.

In the video it looks like it is using a DYNMIXEL2Arduino library example, but when you are using DYNAMIXEL Shield on Arduino boards, you should use DYNAMIXEL Shield library example.

Please install DYNAMIXEL Shield library and use its example.

If you haven't modified DYNAMIXEL configuration, the position_mode example will work with your fresh DYNAMIXEL.

Thank you.

2020-11-16 18:15:00
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