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Robotis Premium _ Roboplus Motion _ Software Poise Utility crashes on selection of tab
2020-11-19 18:20:14 Baud52

HI, just built the Humanoid A from this kit. Using the latest software "Roboplus Motion" I can make connection and operate the robot, all good. As soon as I select  the "Poise Utility" tab the programme shuts down ?

Not sure why this is? I have two totally separate  powerful  PC systems and the same thing happens on both systems. They both have top of the range Nvidea video cards and I am running an up to date Windows 10.

Any help would be appreciated as would really like to use the poise utility.


2020-11-19 18:20:14
2020-11-23 14:00:54 Will Son


Could you try with the latest R+Task 3.0?

R+ Task 3.0 is all in one software for programming motion and task.


Thank you.

2020-11-23 14:00:54
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