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regarding testing of the purchased new MX 106 dynamixel motors
2021-02-03 19:44:09 rsbisht

 we are unable to communicate with Dynamixel MX 106 motor using R+ Manager 2.0 and DYNAMIXEL Wizard 2.0 and unable to update the firmware to test the motor.  A video is also  enclosed herewith for your reference. we are using Open CM 9.04 with  485 EXP board to connect the MX 106 motor .

we look forward to hear from you with a solution.

thanking you

2021-02-03 19:44:09
2021-02-09 17:39:39 Will Son


Sorry about the delayed response.

In order to configure the DYNAMIXEL or update / upgrade the firmware with OpenCM9.04, please follow the procedure below.

Please not that this procedure will overwrite and replace the software uploaded to OpenCM9.04 with OpenCM9.04 firmware.

  1. Recover the OpenCM9.04 firmware from R+Manager 2.0. (Make sure to update to the latest R+ software)
  2. Connect MX-106 to OpenCM485 EXP and mount the recovered OpenCM9.04.
  3. Connect OpenCM9.04 to the PC with micro USB cable that supports data transfer.
  4. Close the R+Manager 2.0 and run DYNAMIXEL Wizard 2.0. (Make sure to update to the latest Wizard 2.0)
  5. Select the port connected to OpenCM9.04 and search for DYNAMIXEL.
  6. DYNAMIXEL firmware can also be recovered with the Recovery menu.
Thank you.
2021-02-09 17:39:39
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