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[GUI application using dynamixelSDK]
2021-02-17 16:49:09 ashokorea

Hi, I am working on an application where I need to develop a GUI (windows) from which I can control the Dynamixels. For this I prefer to use the DynamixelSDK library which well support the dynamixel control. I can set up the DynamixelSDK using visual studio by following this https://emanual.robotis.com/docs/en/software/dynamixel/dynamixel_sdk/library_setup/c_windows/

But I didn't understand how to link it with GUI application. If you please share any of the test example which defines some way to do so, It'd be very much helpful..



2021-02-17 16:49:09
2021-02-18 15:57:26 Will Son


You can follow the library setup instruction of DYNAMIXEL SDK.

If you are new to GUI programming, it might be easier to begin with C#, but you may also use your preferred development environment such as C++ or qt.

Thank you.

2021-02-18 15:57:26
2021-02-25 14:17:17 Ashok

Hi @willson, thanks for your kind reply. sorry but I am new to GUI and C# as well, but if it is good to start with C# in case of easiness as compared to C++/Qt, I may go with C#, not sure about the difficult level as compared to go with C++/Qt. Please suggest.
Also, I have to use any of this kind of configuration: 'RPi/BB + OpenCM904' OR 'RPi/BB + U2D2' ​to control the dynamixels. How difficult it would be to communicate openCM with RPi/BB and further controlling the dynamixels? any test example for RPi/BB + openCM based on dynamixelSDK?​ ​Or using RPi/BB+U2D2 would be better?

​My goal is to control the dynamixels from (RPi/BB + openCM/U2D2) through a GUI application (running on windows PC) for SBC (RPi/BB). I am a bit confused to start with the suitable configuration.

Please suggest me the configuration which suits my need to develop the GUI application for controlling the dynamixels based on dynamixelSDK.

RPi: RaspberryPi; BB: Beaglebone

Looking forward to hear your valuable suggestion~


2021-02-25 14:17:17
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