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Controllers suitable for Dynamixel AX-12A
2021-02-18 20:37:48 medhas
I am interested in purchasing the "DYNAMIXEL AX-12A 6pcs Bulk"  for my B.Tech project. I need it to make a 2R mechanism (with 2 revolute joints being the motors). I need some help to figure out the controllers and other accessories which I will be needing. I want to control it using an Arduino Uno. Also can you give me some information on the OpenCM controller. Kindly let me know if it is feasible.
2021-02-18 20:37:48
2021-02-22 14:34:00 Will Son


Thank you for your inquiry.

Is there any particular reasons of using AX series for your project?

AX has been widely used for various projects and many resourced can be found, but you can enjoy upgraded features from XL430 or XC430(metal gear set) of X series.

XL430 also comes with 2 axis type such as 2XL430 or 2XC430 with metal gear set)

Arduino UNO + DYNAMIXEL Shield is one of the easiest entry point for DYNAMIXEL, but DYNAMIXEL Shield could be a bit pricey and may have unnecessary features such as RS-485 connectors that are not needed for AX-12A or XL430 products.

Another good entry point would be Arduino MKR series + DYNAMIXEL Shield for MKR (Just released last week!)

This combination is also recommended for the smallest DYNAMIXEL : XL330 series

Developers who are familiar with Arduino IDE, it is recommended to use Arduino boards (except Nano series) or ROBOTIS OpenCM9.04 or OpenCR1.0 that support Arduino IDE.

Thank you.

2021-02-22 14:34:00
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