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Multiple Motors w/ Dynamixel Shield
2021-03-12 13:48:36 Schubs


I am relatively new to using and controlling Dynamixels so I was hoping to reach out here for some guidance!

Background Info:
Originally I was controlling my Dynamixel Pro H54-200-S500-R with the OpenCM 9.04 & 485exp, however for the next stage of my project I need to control both my Dynamixel along with a little Polulu servo motor together.
I purchased a shield to use with my Arduino Mega 2560.

My problem:
When I run code just to control the servo motor, plugged into the ports on the shield its no problemo! However, when I go to include code on Arduino to also control the Dynamixel along with it. Neither the Dynamixel or the servo work anymore. Any suggestions for how to do this / is it possible?

Any help is greatly appreciated!
I am also happy to provide additional information as necessary!!


2021-03-12 13:48:36
2021-03-16 19:59:27 Will Son

Hi Christian,

Sorry about the delayed response.

The Arduino Mega controller uses an identical Serial port(RX0, TX1) with USB (refer to Arduino Serial) and DYNAMIXEL Shield.

Therefore, when controlling DYNAMIXEL with Mega + DYNAMIXEL Shield, you should set the switch to "Dynamixel" side.

With the same reason, you cannot debug with serial print via USB as Serial is already assigned to DYNAMIXEL Shield to communicate with DYNAMIXEL.

In that case, you can use a USB-serial interface like LN-101 to use SW serial pins(SW RX, SW TX in the image below) in DYNAMIXEL Shield.

Or, you can simply use a controller that has a designated USB port like Arduino Leonardo.

2021-03-16 19:59:27
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